Friday, October 20, 2006

Out-pitched and out-managed

No, Link. The quote below doesn't refer to last night's game. I posted it early in the game, even before Scott Rolen's gift let the Mets load the bases with one out in the sixth and Cliff Floyd did not come up.

Too bad. All that worry about starting pitching and the Mets were failed by their bullpen and by bats that went cold at the wrong time.

But the Cardinals are a good team, it's time for LaRussa to win another World Series. It's time for Jim Leyland to win a World Series, and the Tigers are a good team too.

And St Louis has been part of some of the best World Series in my lifetime.

1964. Twlight of the Gods. Cards vs. Yanks. Gibson. Cards in 7.

1967. Cards vs Red Sox. Gibson again. 3 and 0. Cards in 7.

1968. Cards vs Tiger. Mickey Lolich, 3 and 0. Tigers in 7.

1982. Beer town vs beer town. The Cards against the Milwaukee Brewers. The Wizard of Oz. Cards in 7.

1985. Show Me State Series. St Louis vs Kansas City. Saberhagen. Brett. Quiz. The Royals in 7 after being down 3-1!

1987. Cards vs Twins. Frank Viola. Twins in 7.

2004. Well, that one was special for a different reason.

So I'm looking forward to this one. I'm looking forward to hearing the names.

Gibson, Brock, Boyer.

Cash, Kaline, Lolich.





Cards in seven.


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