Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The guys follow her around anyway

Speaking of sexy Halloween costumes. Made a pit stop at Barnes and Noble this morning for a quick cup of coffee. Got sidetracked at the new releases table by Michael Lewis' new book, The Blind Side. While I was skimming through it, I overheard three sales clerks talking about the store's plans for Halloween. All three were college-aged women.

First clerk: Well, I'm not wearing my costume to the store.

Second clerk: No?

First clerk: It's inappropriate.

Second clerk: What is it?

First clerk: I'm going as a Catholic school girl.

The other two clerks laugh.

First clerk: Seriously. If I walk in here wearing that little pleated skirt...

Third clerk: You'd have the guys coming up to you all day.

First clerk: I already do. They already do come up to me.

Second clerk: That's right.

First clerk: Really. As soon as I'm through that door, Bill and Steve and you know, they're like following right after me. "Can you do this?" "Oh, can you show me where that is?"

Second clerk: Yep.

First clerk: I don't need any more of that.


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