Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bill Murray, party animal

Say it's 1976, '77, sometime after 1 AM on Sunday morning. The party's in full swing. You've traveled back in time. You find Bill Murray in the crowd, pull him away from a friendly argument with Aykroyd, make him put down Gilda who he's been carrying around all night, thown over his shoulder. You drag him off into a quiet corner to tell him about his future.

You tell him he's the one in the room's going to have the real movie career. It may look right now like Belushi's the break-out guy, the star on the rise, you say, but trushtme on this, he's not going as far as it looks like he might.

It's going to be you, Bill.

Sure, there's this black kid, still in high school, can't even drive yet, he's going to make the blockbusters. And there's a Canadian dude, he's got a couple of spy spoofs in his future will make him rich. But I'm talking about a serious acting career for you, Bill. An Academy Award nomination is what I'm saying.

You'll do your share of comedies. Some will be better than others, at least one will be great. Others will be classics of a kind. But you'll do dramatic roles too. Twenty-five, thirty years from now, you'll have played Polonius in an adaptation of Hamlet. You'll have become a regular feature player in the movies of one of the brightest, oddest, arguably hippest young directors of the time. You'll get that Oscar nomination for playing the Platonic romantic lead opposite the hottest young actress going.

And to top it all off, man...

You'll do the voice of Garfield the Cat.

For two movies.

Depending on what he's been ingesting, Murray might be cool with that.

If he's not, you can at least assure him that he's funny and the movies aren't half bad.

Burritoboy is right. We need to raise the quality level of the feature presentations for Mannion Family Movie Night.

But Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties really wasn't half bad. And Murray's voice work is funny.

It was a lot more enjoyable than X-Men 3, that's for sure.

And there were no morals.

And no lessons either, except that naps are necessary and lasagna is a miracle food, fit for royalty.


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