Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My favorite philosopher

Does anybody remember, back when George W. Bush was asked who is favorite philosopher was and he replied, Jesus, did the reporter follow up?

Did the reporter ask Bush, "Why?"

"Which of Jesus' teachings do you live by, Mr Bush? Judge not lest ye be judged? Blessed are the meek? Sell everything and follow me? Do not store up treasures on Earth?"

Did the reporeter ask, "Mr Bush, I know you credit Jesus with saving your life from death by Jim Beam, but why do you think He did it? What did He save you for? Did he save you so you could go on to trade Sammy Sosa? Did He save you so you could become a millionaire through shady business dealings by your father's friends? Did you ever for a moment consider that Jesus may have saved your life expecting that you would go out and do something right away to help others or do you think He saved you so you could hang around for a decade or so until He could figure out a way to make you President?"

No, none of you remembers, because it didn't happen. He wasn't asked to explain himself. He was just applauded in public for showing what a humble, regular guy he was and complimented in private for knowing how to play up to the prejudices of the rubes.


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