Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Some day, if the Republic survives the reign of George W. Bush and his puppetmasters---which I believe it will, although I'm not looking forward to cleaning up the mess they'll leave behind---I hope the Media Elites hold a kangaroo court like sports teams set up for themselves when they feel a collective attitude adjustment is needed.

I hope they will put themselves in the dock and stand before a jury of themselves with one of their own acting for the Prosecution in the case of The People and the Truth v. Smug Media Bastards Like Carlson, Russert, Matthews, CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, the New York Times et al laying out the indictment:

"That we the overpaid and self-congratulatory did willfully and wantonly, with careless disregard, stand by and not only watch but even cheer as a gang of psychopaths and sociopaths, whom we had every reason to know were psycopathas and sociopaths, led by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, a pair already known to history as very bad guys, fronted by George W. Bush, a man with a life history of unrestrained sociopathy in which he demonstrated nothing like a conscience, a sense of responsibility, compassion, or a hint of awareness that his actions might hurt other people, took over the White House and the United States Congress and then proceeded to behave as sociopaths and psychopaths, starting a war for the sheer fun of it, establishing a policy of torture antithetical to everything this country is supposed to stand for and an assault on morality and human decency, looting the Treasury, and generally doing nothing else but making life easier for their rich sociopathic and psychopathic pals.

"That, furthermore, while they behaved openly and recklessly as sociopaths and psychopaths we treated them on our TV shows and in on our editorial pages and even in our supposed news stories as if they were all great statesmen acting always in the Nation's best interests with no thought for the main chance for themselves.

"And that, even as we neglected our duty to our readers and viewers to tell them the truth, we begged for the favors and attentions of the psychopaths and sociopaths and even put ourselves on their payrolls, then we attacked, ridiculed, ignored, and otherwise dismissed any one and every one who tried to tell us what the sociopaths and psychopaths were up to, and to top it all off when it finally began to be impossible to ignore the damage the psychopaths and sociopaths were doing to the country we were unconsionably slow to correct our errors and mend our ways and we refused to admit our mistakes or our complicity but instead set out to blame all the people who were right about the sociopaths and psychopaths---we blamed the Democrats for not being tough enough, we blamed the bloggers for being irresponsible and paranoid, and we blamed all of the critics for being consumed with an irrational hatred of George W. Bush.

"To sum up, we stood by and let them get away with it because it was more fun and a hell of a lot easier to beat up on those out of power than to challenge those who had power and were using it to do wrong."

Then, after the evidence is presented and all the witnesses are heard from, the jury will reach its verdict of guilty and the Judge will pronounce sentence:

Mass resignations of editors, producers, columnists, and reporters, all of whom will live in self-imposed exile in Kansas where they will work on local weeklies for 15 grand a year and no company health insurance.

I look forward to the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the dead, and life everlasting in the world to come, as well.


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