Monday, July 10, 2006

Political theatre

The Cape is represented in Congress by a Democrat, William Delahunt.

The Drum Major Institute has given Delahunt a score of 100 and a grade of A when it comes to protecting the interests of the middle class with his vote.

One of the good guys, then.

Delahunt's probable Republican challenger this fall is a former CIA agent. I say probable just because the guy hasn't officially announced he's running yet. He could change his mind. Wouldn't leave him unopposed if he did. Guy named Peter White's already running against him as an independent.

White is a local activist, a progressive, and, these days, an actor.

He has a flair for the dramatic, onstage and off, writes the Cape Cod Times' political reporter, Kevin Dennehy:

Take, for instance, the day last spring when he slapped a pair of white gloves spattered with fake blood in front of U.S. Rep. William Delahunt in protest of the Iraq war before storming out of the hall.

Or when he joined a group of ''grannies'' - wig and all - in protest outside a Hyannis recruiting station.

But can he act?

Well, judge for yourself when White, now an independent candidate challenging Delahunt, appears on stage July 29 at Cape Cod Community College for a presentation of Sinclair Lewis' ''It Can't Happen Here.''

The performance, which will double as a fundraiser for White, will be followed by a discussion.

For White, who says he would push for President Bush's impeachment if elected, Lewis' 1935 satire makes sense.

It's the story of a self-described populist whose presidency foreshadows German fascism.

Or, as White puts it, ''a fascist president elected from Texas ... starts a war in order to promote corporate interests and enact restrictions on constitutional rights.''

In case you're not clear where he stands.


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