Saturday, June 24, 2006

A determined little blonde

After midnight, in the West Village, things just beginning to happen for the young and beautiful, but it's feeling like time for us to call it a night and head back up town. Go to catch a cab at the corner where Hudson intersects with West 14th and 9th Ave. The broad cobblestoned intersection empty of all cars except cabs. Dozens of cabs. All full.

We stand beside a trio of young men waving at passing cabs. Before long there's a group of young women behind us.

A cab finally pulls over and the young men move towards it. A pretty little blonde in a green party dress steps out of the group of women. She has a very determined look about her.

"Wasn't that your cab?" she asks us as the young men pile in.

No, we say, they were here ahead of us. She eyes us skeptically. Something about us makes her think we're too innocent and non-New Yorkerish to be trusted out without a lead. We're the type who'd stand there all night letting pushy people steal our cabs. Determinedly, she steps out into the road and waves down another taxi.

"This one's yours!" she says, opening the door. "Get in!"

We obey. She closes the door behind us and looking even more determined goes after another cab for her and her friends.

Pity the fool who tries to steal a cab from them.


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