Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Republicanism vs. Conservativism at the movies

Another bit or piece:

Notice that in the post below I did not use the word conservative. Hollywood's Republicanism as expressed in its movies and certainly its Right Wing Authoritarianism are NOT conservative.

But then even when Republicanism was a lot more sympathetic to traditional Conservativism than it is now, it was never truly conservative because of its faith and championing of unfettered Free Market Capitalism, which is a progressive force not a conservative one.

Progressive is not synonymous with Liberal or with goodness and niceness.

Exhibit Number One: Shopping malls.

What most contemporary Republicans call conservative in themselves is really just authoritarianism. There is nothing conservative about that because of how easily they exempt themselves from the rules they lay down for others to follow.

Divorce is wrong, except mine which was necessary and proves my last marriage didn't count.

Mothers should stay home and take care of the kids, except my wife who is bringing in 6 figures and so we can hire a really good nanny who is not a person in her own right, merely the incarnation of our love for our kids, and so we get credit for being involved parents through her.

Homosexuality is wrong and gay marriage a threat to society, except for my brother and his partner, who aren't really gay.

Duty comes before self, which is why your kids should be proud to die in Iraq but my kids have the opportunity to go to law school so leave them alone.


All the supposed "traditional" values the Right preaches are rules for keeping the plebes in line.

Real conservatives do not exempt themselves from the rules. In fact, they believe in holding themselves to a stricter standard---real conservatives believe that it is the job of the elite and the privileged to set an example not just to make rules.

See this fine post by Shakespeare's Sister.

Movies are Republican in the way they celebrate the joys of Free Market capitalism.

They are Right Wing in the way the champion the arrival of an authoritarian strong man to save us.

But the wingers are right. Hollywood movies are not conservative.

No more than the wingers are themselves.


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