Monday, November 06, 2006

Studio 60: Saying yes to live-blogging with Jennifer

Good evening, ladies and gents, welcome to what we hope won't be the last edition of live blogging Studio 60. The show's growing on me and I'm rooting for Matthew Perry but the real truth is I just have a lot of fun with this, especially now that I've discovered this guest blogger racket. Our last episode of live blogging with Shakespeare's Sister turned into a party and so my plan is to have guest bloggers handle the controls for as long as Aaron Sorkin can hold off NBC while I just sit here and heckle from the cheap seats in the comments.

So, let me introduce to you a blogger who should need no introduction, not if you've been a regular visitor to these parts. Jennifer was the kind of frequent and prolific commenter who before long has people nagging her to start her own blog, Goddamn it! And Goddamn it, that's what she finally went out and did. Her blog is called Saying yes... and like her comments it's witty, playful, alternately heartwarming and snarky, and full of passion and insight. All of these fine qualities, plus her juggling, apple pie baking, and touch typing skills will be on full display here tonight. So, without further ado, please put your hands on your keyboards and tap out a big welcome to the amazing, the astounding, the always affirmative...Jennifer!

Helloooooo Mannionites! This is Jennifer from Saying Yes… and I am tonight’s guest blogger! First of all, let me say a big thank you to Lance. I am honored to have been allowed access into the inner portals of Lance-dom! I must say that it’s really odd being inside Lance’s blog… it’s reminding me of “Being John Malcovich”. I am guessing tomorrow, I will remember nothing… having had my memory wiped clean.

It’s not quite what I expected though. I expected rows and rows and rows of card catalogs and reference books, but it’s actually closer to a room in Willy Wonka’s candy factory… there are plumes of purple smoke billowing out of the “Ideas in search of a post” room and fireworks going off in the “Mining the notebooks” room, but I digress… let’s get back to the point of tonight… live-blogging “Studio 60”.

I have watched “Studio Earnest” from the beginning. Sorkin said he was “not trying to change the world” with this show and yet it seems to be clubbing us over the head with its life lessons, attempting to tug at our heartstrings with its “deep” stories. I know it’s a drama about comedy, but I guess I’d like to see a little more comedy. I’ve been around enough people who produce comedy to know that even though there is plenty of drama … they can see the humor in their drama. I keep hoping for a little more humor and a little less preaching. Maybe this will be the week and maybe its only week!

When Lance asked me to live-blog this week’s show, my first thought was, “Can you live-blog a dead show??” But, I said yes… and being the kind person I am, I will try to take in what this dying show has to tell. I will be a witness to it’s final breaths. I will be the hospice blogger… I will acknowledge that the show is here and is still alive, although barely.

Okay, let’s get on with this!!!

8:55pm The wonder that is Studio 60 is almost upon us! Do we all have our tissues? I feel overcome already. You know, if they do pull the plug on Studio 60... Heroes might be a good replacement for live blogging.

9:00pm Woo-hoo! Here we go!!!

9:05 Oops... looks like Tom's been bad. So... was he getting legal action or illegal action? At least he wasn't getting a massage in Colorado.

Enter John Goodman- small town sheriff with an attitude. I'm guessing he's not big on Hollywood folk.

Okay, my bad... he's a judge.

So, apparently Tom was busted with illegal substances, something Sorkin seems to write a lot about. They do say write what you know. I can barely wait to hear Tom's story! But first... a few political commercials... GO DEMOCRATS! DON'T STAY THE COURSE!

9:10 Is Tom wearing a hair shirt??? Oh... he's Jesus.

9:13 Wow, we're hitting them all! Drugs, fornication, gay marriage... My mind just went blank when I saw Harriet. If she goes on this road trip to retrieve Tom, I putting good money down that she starts singing "Dominique".

9:16 Viola prodigy has the hots for Tom.

Okay, that one got cut short... a large dog just got stuck between the doorway and the temporary placement of the television. I'm back though and listening.

9:17 I think Jesus would pimp-slap this show.

9:18 Ooooh! It's getting ugly! Harriet is paying the price of her beliefs. I still think Jesus would cancel the show and not because it's taking his name in vain, but because it wouldn't hold his interest. Hey, how many times can you fit Jesus into a sentence??

9:23 Holy crap, I'm back in parochial school only I think it was more entertaining! John Goodman could be Miss Doberstein.

9:25 Oh, how the warmth and fun of the comment section mocks me...

Hey! Can I post bond with my credit card and get out of here?? Lance?? Are you there????

9:34 Hey, if they can change format, maybe Sorkin can as well. I want to see a drama about the production behind Romper Room or Barney. We all know Barney is gay. I bet inside that costume he's saying Jesus Christ all the time...

9:40 Darius, while explaining to Danny where everybody was, actually pitched a funny sketch! Oh wait... he pitched what this show is about and it's not funny. Aren't farces supposed to be funny? Hey BG! Where's my wine??? Oh wait, I was supposed to get you some wine.

Hey Lance, do I get a box set of DVD's and a Lance Mannion tote bag for doing this??? Tom is giving some to viola girl!! What about guest bloggers?

I bet Lance thinks Amanda Peet is now trying to save the show with her own cuteness...

9:something or other... So when does viola girl go to Harrumph... Parumph... Nevada?

9:45 Tom, the dog lover is betrayed by his beloved. Fickle Bassett. Oh good commercial! I'm going back down to the fun!!!

9:47 Danny cuts skit about taking the Lord's name in vain as a favor for Jordan. Jack doesn't want any pity tells him to keep the sketch. I'd like some pity... Hello???

Ew! That Daisy doesn't like Hollywood folk either!

9:50. Shoot. Harriet's not on the trip... No Dominique sing-along!!

9:53 The entourage has arrived in Parump... the Hollywood powerhouses are attempting to free Tom. But wait, It's "Parumpty-Dumpty Day" and Tom ain't goin' nowhere show or no show!!!

Will Tom get out? Will the show go on? Will the cast and crew have to come to Parump and film on location!?!? Will THIS show go on!?!?!? Only time will tell...

Tune in next week, same Lance time, same Lance station.

Well folks, it's been a slice. I'm sorry I won't remember any of it in the morning. Thank you, Lance. It's been a trip to ride in your limo, but I have to say, I think I prefer the bus of loonies down in the comment section.

This is Jennifer signing off. Lance... back to you. :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jennifer for Saying yes to live blogging. Wasn't she lovely, folks? And she did it all without a script or prescription. I think I speak for anybody with taste, though, when I say that tonight's episode made me think fondly of the old Saturday Night Live, in particular Dan Aykroyd's Leonard Pinth-Garnell who would have dubbed this one Really Bad Television.

Made me wish I'd been watching Brng Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia with Mr Wolcott.

But we're nothing if not gluttons for punishment here at the Lance Mannion Emporium of Health and Wellness. Breadbox may be right and Studio 60 may get the ax before Part II runs. But if NBC airs it, we'll blog it. This I vow!

Good night, kids. To those of you out West just tuning in. I'll leave the lights on here, take whatever you want from the fridge, feel free to add your comments below. Just remember to lock up when you go and try not to wake grandma on your way out.


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