Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We are Americans

Torturers are cowards and sadists.

Americans are not cowards and sadists.

Torture doesn't work.

Amercians are not stupid. We don't use tools that don't do the job. We don't pursue courses of action that take us nowhere. We do not persist in doing what we know is wrong and futile because we are too stubborn or dumb to think of anything else to do.

Torture is against all our principles.

Americans are people who sacrifice their lives for their beliefs. We aren't yellowbellied lily-livered chickenhearted scardy cats who throw away all we believe in just because we are afraid for our own skins.

Torture, rendition, secret military tribunals, great big holes poked in the Constitution, whimsical suspensions of haebeus corpus---these are not things Americans do. They are things done by a feckless and reckless President who can't think of any way to solve any problem except to make it worse.

Americans do not blindly follow any President, we do not give any President whatever powers he demands, not even the best Presidents, let alone one who ignored a serious terrorist threat and allowed the worst mass murder in our history to take place, who used that tragedy as an excuse to lie us into an unnecessary war that he then proceeded to lose, and who cannot under any circumstances bring himself to admit a mistake or make a move to correct himself.

We are not sheep. We are not cowards. We are not a nation of unprincipled thugs and sadists.

Spread the word.

Write your Congressmen. Write your Senators. Write your local newspaper.

Tell them.

We are Americans.


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