Thursday, March 16, 2006

She likes the abuse

March 16, 1994. At Dunkin Donuts. Pair of truckers are teasing counter girl. Well, one is teasing her. The other isn't sure the counter girl wants to be teased.

First Trucker: She loves the harassment.

Second Trucker (bashful, trying to play along): What are you trying to pull now?

First Trucker: She likes the abuse.

Girl: That’s why I come to work, for the abuse.

First Trucker: She’s into pain too.

Second Trucker: Don’t mind him.

A third trucker orders a muffin with "lots" of butter.

Girl: If I was your mother, I’d put this right back on the shelf. Since I’m not... (She drops it in the bag.)

Third Trucker compliments her on her friendly and prompt service.

Girl (gesturing at the first two truckers sitting drinking their coffee): Tell them guys that. They come in here twenty-four hours a day every day to harass me.

First Trucker: C’mon. It’s been two weeks. (The counter girl gives him a look. He thinks about it. Decides it's been longer, but still not long enough she should be tired of it.) Three weeks!


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